Sunday, September 20, 2009

Advert of sorts: Canada, UKOUG, Chile, Peru, Poland...

For all events between now and the end of the year, my speaking schedule is published on This post hi-lights the "international" (for me, if you live there - it is local of course...) trips I'll be doing. You can see all of the US only trips on asktom as well - and there are quite a few (Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Reston VA, Baltimore, San Francisco, Saint Louis, Richmond VA, Birmingham AL - to name a few).

I'm frequently asked "how often am I on the road" - the question behind the question being "how do you get to keep up with the database and stay hands on". I travel exactly 50% of the time - one week on, one week off. I'm getting ready for a week "on" right now. I spend the other 50% working locally (mostly at home) with the database and customers - preparing new material, getting caught up on questions on asktom and the like. From time to time - since they will not move events like Oracle OpenWorld to accommodate my schedule - I travel two weeks and stay off the road for two weeks. One of those "two weeks - no travel" is coming up and I'm very much looking forward to that.

Anyway - to the schedule and links to what's happening...

I'll be in Canada quite a few times this year - three times this week (Quebec, Toronto and Montreal). I'll be back in Canada - a little further west and a lot further north - in November for the ICE conference in Edmonton. I get back to Toronto (for the local user group) again in November as well.

I'll be hitting Chile and Peru in South America in November - again looking forward to that as I've never been down there at all. The user group events are something I really enjoy (more than a seminar - those are very very tiring to deliver. Physically tiring) and getting out to a place I've never been is always interesting.

After that - I'm off to the UKOUG. I've presented there many times now and always look forward to the event in Birmingham. A good time to catch up with a lot of people and much like IOUG in the US - it is a highly technical conference. Every single session is delivered by people using the Oracle software, and mostly delivered by people that use the Oracle software every single day. A lot of hands on knowledge is transferred. Always looking forward to that conference.

My last trip out of the US in 2009 will be to Warsaw, Poland right after the UKOUG. I'll be delivering a two day seminar there. I won't have much time to look around unfortunately as I fly in late Tuesday night from the UK and leave early Friday morning for home. I'll have to have a nice dinner or two out though to get a feel for the city.

Into the first half of 2010 - I'll be hitting places such as Croatia, Tokyo, Moscow, Hungary, two cities in South Africa, the Baltics and Turkey... More details on those to follow...

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm not a DBA anymore...

After nine years and nine months of running the database that hosts asktom, I've retired.

Not from answering questions, but rather from being the DBA and semi-SA for the machine that was is now synonymous with - Joel Kallman facilitated the move (here is the story on that). So, I'm now running in a database with thousands of other applications. And - it seems a bit faster than my old hardware (which was held together with some glue and duct-tape - the drives were failing left and right...).

For some stories on APEX and the ability to handle a pretty large load - I suggest you glance at:

But now, for the first time in years, I won't be afraid to check asktom when I land and get off of the plane. If something goes wrong - the data center guys will fix it :)

And yes, the intermittent "some IE users get an error on asktom" issue was found and fixed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Every day I learn something new...

Two things

One, here is something new I learned today. I wasn't aware of that, that is a nice "stealth" feature :)

The other thing - I have a podcast on 11g Release 2 "things" posted on if you are interested....